Pantherella Specialty Events

Pantherella creates and produces innovative events that are designed specifically to the client’s vision always resulting in meaningful, lasting luminance. However big or small your event may be, Pantherella will make sure it is unforgettable.

Pantherella Events is a KingLie LLC company.

Janelle Panther, Curator of Parties

Janelle Panther, successful entrepreneur, social elite, and a Rosé mom. Born and raised internationally, a natural fashionista surrounded by thought leaders for 20 years in major metropolitan cities including Berlin, Milan and Bangkok.

Janelle started Pantherella Specialty Events back in 2010 and grew it into a premier Charity Event Production & Fundraising company located in San Diego, California. Over the years she has worked with numerous well known charity events, and helped raise over $20 million for her clients.

We’ve decided to take a little of the mystery out of the Pantherella Specialty Events team and help you get to know the folks who make your event their highest priority.  We’ll start our highlight off with Janelle Panther, the founder and mastermind behind your next social gathering.  Here’s a few things about Pantherella’s fearless leader:

  • The international location you’ll most likely find her: Mykonos, Greece
  • The most played song on her iTunes: Aloe Blacc
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Polo
  • Item she’s most attached to: Her Samsung Galaxy (so she’ll never miss an email)
  • Her favorite time of year: Summer, of course (so many spectacular outdoor venues to pick from!)
  • Her favorite car: porsche 911 carrera GTS
  • Her favorite weekend activity: Sunday family time, champagne brunch with the girls, and polo tournaments (how can you pick just one?!)
  • Her favorite movie: Cinderella (a movie she credits with inspiring her inner romantic)
  • Biggest loves: Her two sweet babies and wonderfully supportive husband

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